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Unlike other firms, we do not  charge any “Management or Partner Oversight” fees that do not add value towards completing your project.  Other consulting companies bill you an hourly fee for each consultant, however at ONESOURCE, our dedicated team of senior-level partners will work on every aspect of your project for a single fee.

In order to determine which option best suits your needs we provide an initial free one hour consultation to understand your goals. During this call, we’ll also rank your goal's importance and establish a timeline.  ONESOURCE will then provide a formal Statement-of-Work (SOW) detailing your project deliverables, timeline and costs.   Below are some of the rate structure options we can incorporate into your proposal:

REFERRAL PROGRAM: Refer a friend or business connection to ONESOURCE Business Advisors and receive a cash referral bonus!

At ONESOURCE, we believe referrals are the greatest form of flattery.  By recommending your partners, associates, or professional contacts, you help them benefit from our services and earn a referral bonus.

E-mail us your referral’s name, phone number, and e-mail address.  You don’t have to figure out what they need, just send us the contact information and we’ll do the rest.  When the referral’s project is completed, we’ll mail your referral bonus, it’s that easy.

HOURLY: Standard rate invoiced in hourly increments.

PROJECT BASED: A pre-approved project fee predicated on the scope and complexity of the project. Advantages include knowing the exact deliverables and the total associated costs before your project begins.

MONTHLY RECURRING:  This is the best option for your fluctuating business needs and/or projects that require immediate access to our consultants to collaborate on time sensitive items.  Together we determine the minimum amount of hours your business needs monthly for the contracted period, which guarantees ONESOURCE will reserve those hours each month to be used as you desire.  As an integral part of your executive management advisory team, we work in partnership on crafting your business strategy and company’s project development plan.

PRE-PAID: Discounted consulting fee, select your pre-paid tier below.  Benefits include increasing discount, no expiration date, use the hours all at once or over time.

Tier        Hours       Fee      % Savings
Tier 1      5              $1,625    7%
Tier 2      10            $3,150   10%
Tier 3      15            $4,500   14%
Tier 4      20            $5,800   17%

Need more hours?  Please select one of our options above or contact us at (707) 445-5401.

We offer our clients scalable solutions that fit their budget  and provide transparent fee options...

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